Saturday 19 Sunday 20 July 2014

Darlington Music Festival is now cancelled for this year


It’s with great disappointment and frustration that this year’s event has to be cancelled. Due to venue not applying for the relevant licenses in time which we were lead to believe were in place in the first instance we feel that the risk of outlaying the required deposits without a license in place to great.

We have looked into other licensed venues but the ground hire wouldn’t justify the return. To move to another unlicensed venue would leave us in the same position as we¬†currently find ourselves. We have also looked at the prospect of using temporary events notices at the current venue but the restriction on capacity would not allow us to cover our overheads. All monies WILL be refunded to the people have purchased tickets already as soon as possible.

Our only intention was to bring something great to Darlington but due to circumstances beyond our control we cannot achieve this, please accept our utmost apologies and for what it’s worth we are as disappointed as yourselves if not more, you cannot begin to understand how much effort and work has gone into this project.

For any help you can offer please contact Alan